Aims & Objectives

Our ambition is to become one of the World-leading research and education centers in new energy sciences based on nanotechnologies
  • Focus on selected research fields, reorganize them on the foundations of basic sciences and use the momentum from the previous World Class University(WCU) program to propel the BK21PLUS project
  • Integration of (i) basic science areas consisting of nanoscience and energy science and (ii) development of core-application technologies in the fields of energy storage, energy conversion, energy systems and energy catalysis
  • Secure at least 10 global leading technologies in research and development
  • Construction of basic research infrastructures, delivering high level research results and fostering professional specialists in energy technologies
  • Strengthening of industrial competitiveness by the fast commercialization of new energy technologies meeting the social needs
  • Technology development impacting the energy industry sector

Expected Outcome

The education activities will produce (1) global leaders who will be able to establish and implement energy policies, after having acquired a deep professional knowledge related to energy science and technologies, (2) creative researchers in fundamental sciences who can initiate energy paradigm shift, and (3) distinguished engineers who can make revolutionary improvement in the energy industry, yielding a profound impact on the future economic development of Korea.

The research activities will (1) develop and provide basic knowledge and know-how in pure and applied sciences for future orientations and new concepts in the areas of Energy Storage, Energy Conversion, Energy Systems and Energy Catalysis, and (2) strengthen the nationwide competitiveness of universities and industries through securing intellectual properties of new fundamental technologies, publishing original results in high impact scientific journals.
On the basis of the above education and research activities, this team will be a global leading department in the field of energy science.


융합에너지 글로벌 창조인재 양성사업단 Integrated Energy Center for
Fostering Global Creative Researcher